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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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>> remembers it just isn't in colorado we are looking at how many voters from each a party and ones without a party have voted in our state so far and why it makes us such an uncertain state in this election some celebrities coming out in support of hillary cl los angeles street artist has something to say about that his response to the stars that say they're moving to canada trump wins what is your dad think about all of this i'm sure to see an athlete your dad. >> yeah my dad was an athlete a young server going viral after she made some comments about her dad when she says her dad does now that she is
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>> and be seen that yet if you haven't you got to stick around is going to make you smile what could be a stressful day it's election day tuesday on kirk yankee people are heading out to the polls in droves today some states are mail-in ballots are not common lines winding down the streets look at some of these lines people waited for their chance to cast their ballots for hours upon hours in some spots of this was this was especially true in states some of the longest lines this morning were in north carolina and new york donald trump casting his vote a few hours ago also in new york is scheduled to be there the rest
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accusation is there but that is just the brief amount of information they're just getting will have more on of what the lawsuit entails there are only a few only a few hours left to make sure that you can make your vote count fox 31 jim hawley is live holy is live with the latest on colorado's vote. >>oo those ballots in and dropped him off his back here this is one of the drive in areas drive-by drop-off areas division headquarters you can see there's a pretty steady line of cars 01234 in-line here to wish i were in the morning was a little busier and i'm told come 5:00 o'clock tonight this place will be mobbed and had people come by on skateboards this morning so
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good idea at what could be a record turnout finally thing for her is wrapped up you see people being hispanic being one side or another and that's okay but hopefully it'll all come down if it is a mostly what happens will get that his is the city of denver doesn't get involved hey how's it going here's our paramedics
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give those guys a break i voted sticker and of course with this people are getting what's a hand in their ballots are the very coveted stickers i voted denver votes that's where you want today and kirk and megan have been getting more later on because he has indeed i have yet to turn in my ballot i promise i will do it on the way home once we wrap things colorado is considered one of the battleground states in this presidential election you can see the states and yellow by many considered battleground states some other states up for grabs in nevada arizona florida north carolina and new hampshire a lot of people have said they think colorado will go democrat hillary in the presidential election you can see if that happens hillary clinton would have 269 electoral votes and donald, 204 with 65 remaining
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republican and it would still mean hillary would be ahead with 65 votes are still undecided if trump takes all the potential battleground states including cotabato she would in fact it went but that is the path of 270 that looks the only possible path for donald trump donald trump is speaking of the appeared on fox news this morning and in just a few hours from now whether or not he will be our next president he spoke about how he would feel if he doesn't win today's election. >> if i don't when i will consider a tremendous waste of time energy and money i will have spent over $100 million on my own campaign meaning also spoke out this morning while casting her but she said it was the most humbling experience knowing how many people are counting on the outcome of this election and with all eyes on this election americans are feeling the weight of their decision cnn's
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fox news headline this morning reads like you see on the line. >> both very good headlines i think the drive home the point all this stuff all this talk all this debating now it's our turn to your civic duty if you don't have time to watch the presidential election results will and all night there are key times to check in on the results they got the key times posted on and fox 31 this week and watch them let's break down some of the when first wave from 4:00 o'clock that's when polls close in indiana that an hour later at five time as some of the most wins a start rolling in most of florida georgia new hampshire south carolina and virginia opposes should be wrapped up 30 minutes later than at 532 more more biggies, north carolina and ohio both states could go either way in this election and at
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are on the lineup for illinois maine michigan missouri and pennsylvania will also see results from cities in florida central time zone in pensacola and panama city than at 7:00 o'clock colorado polls close as well as arizona new mexico and wisconsin and then at a time no see results come in from what could be those surprises swing states were talking iowa nevada and utah at 911 did nine will want it all up in the west with california hawaii oregon and alaska finishes off tonight at 11 our time but there's a good chance we may know who is looking like the winner by the time is alaska vote but roland is another presidential race is getting most of the attention there are some important measures decided on a local level amendment 69 or
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get rid of private health insurance here in colorado it would raise an employer and employer payroll taxes by 10 percent and create government health insurance amendment 72 would increase taxes on cigarettes let's get outside now meteorologist take future of the weather that we've got bugs on our camera and you know what honestly there's a lot of times by this point in the journal of the bugs are gone because of the cold temperatures we just >> ousted as they shouldn't they be dead seriously shouldn't all those bugs go with their friends and family may be watching temperatures the running in the mid to low 20s usually this time of year during the mornings and the kills off a lot of those bugs of a temperature is this afternoon they will make it to about the mid-sixties tomorrow 70s on the way and staying dry to here are the temperature is 58 degrees at the iowa 59 denver just
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which is sometimes assumed this is harder than others today i do remember yesterday we want about this point mid to upper 50s for this temperatures we are right on pace with yesterday's high which is 64 i think we squeeze an extra degree out of today going 65 lower 70s for tomorrow mild again for thursday high in the mid-sixties but we cool down and very it very briefly before warming up this weekend >> thanks greg coming up you've probably seen your friends posting all day about the political views and social media you know it's been going on for months now and it may have affected you more than you thought it .-dot plus a lot of celebrities read this and stop trump when's it wins while a guy of los angeles has a clever comeback through
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facebook is trying to get involved in an election today they're partnering with major news organizations like cnn the lifestream coverage throughout the day they're also offering facebook life to people who want to live stream their own experiences it looks as though the social posts in the last few months it might've actually changed some people's mind according to pew researchers 20 percent of social media users are change their stance on something based on a post that they saw only 17 percent change their minds and candidates 40 percent say they've blocked posts from their feet in the selection alone is generated more than 5.3 billion posts like comments and shares with nearly 110 million americans participating between january and october a new place for people to vent because we need to vent really to find different with you to find different avenues to do it i hear you i hear you all concert last night encouraging young people to get out and vote and then a letter
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winter weather would not be nice it is almost mid-november how the rest of your week is
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the rapper he held a free concert last night in downtown chicago and then let a mass of march after the show the performer health helped lead a
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the youth of chicago want to make their voices heard a big crowd showed up in philadelphia last night for a bit concert to support hillary clinton a lot of big stars where they are hillary clinton was of course they are along with president obama and the first lady and also jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen the performance meantime donald come also held a rally last night in michigan and he had some remarks in response to claims of star power we don't need a jay-z or beyonc don't need john bon jovi we don't need a lady gaga all we need is great ideas to make america great again that's all we need. >> donald trump giving a speech around midnight in michigan he also had four other states across 24 hours this campaign florida north
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street artist in los angeles poking fun at the celebrities and their support of hillary clinton getting a lot of attention to conservative artist savo put these up in a list neighborhoods like beverly hills to make fun of celebrities who promised to leave the country promise to leave the country as trump ones of the election with a gas future trump as a realtor or arranging the sale of the celebrity properties the neighborhoods that are home to some of hillary clinton's biggest donors like samuel l jackson barbra streisand john stuart and bryan cranston president obama continuing his election the ritual playing basketball the white house as he plays for more than an hour with some friends and others back at the white house he is incredibly the grounds for the rest of the day the president does not plan on making an person statement but never released a paper statement later tonight it's an odd situation kind of like when they bring someone in to replace you but you got to train them.
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to it's been a long long for all of us especially if you're the president some people took the social media this morning when special outfits to show support for their camera some women are wearing these pantsuits hillary clinton's famous outfit it's to show their support for the democratic candidate voters across the country flocking to susan b anthony's website leaving flowers notes and just voted sticker anthony of course played a pivotal role in the women's of suffering movement she died in rochester back in 1906, 14 years before women won the right to vote on las vegas to her credit city officials are extending hours at my hopes of election day keeping it open until 9:00 o'clock tonight so people can pay their respects and drop off their sticker if you want to celebrate this big event in history there will be gathering parties across in the orient of years you can
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6:00 o'clock tonight it's free ticket adobe food and drinks available for purchase it's a nonpartisan party open to everyone that democrats will be having the big election night party at the denver westin tonight at 7:00 o'clock in the republican party will gather at choppers $5 to get in with free the appetizers by the last not bad so that's what's going on there tonight and whether looking good this election day no excuse to not get out and vote i am not your excuse you cannot be like with greg said it's good to get real dicey later not the case at all it's just gorgeous today we are running dry were running one but it's good whether to have on election day here is a view our live video from horse teeth you can see clear skies out there a few wispy clouds and that's about it high pressure most certainly and control after a cold front pushed through yesterday the front brought chillier temperatures but now it's a big high and control our skies will look a lot like this to
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much cloud cover at all it's not even picking up the wispy clouds are that are out there who says to me they're not very widespread in there. then so effectively a mostly
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clear skies during the overnights will still fall into the 30s not quite to where we normally are but still in the 30s to start off a lot of our mornings before high temperatures cool down thursday afternoon it is dry i showed you through friday it'll be try past that and the only thing that will change not so much the amount of sunshine we get that's equal to about every day it will be how become this is excess of a drought condition excessively dry i should say along by 25 all the way from the border of wyoming to pretty much the border with mexico and then we pulled off to the east of the way out to burlington and the snapper may change from excess of two extreme we may see some are colors showing up for the next couple of weeks as we remain dry i'll show you how droll we will remain and how lacking and normal whether we will be this as a snow map of
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its most of the us to be a couple of stray snow showers out there in the adirondack mountains new york reminds a vermont white mountains of new hampshire but our mountains nothing along the continental divide for at least the next 10 days that will push us extremely close to an all-time record over 144 years november s we've seen snow that was back in 1934 it doesn't look like it happened the 70s a couple 70s wednesday in the again on monday a viral now for what she said about her dad from the bowels of a page they ask star of her dad was an athlete of what she said and the interviewers
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-i'm a carrie. -i'm a hufflepuff. -i'm a rachel. -i'm a ross. ugh. i'm not a ross. i'm doing this over. i'm "single ladies" beyonc?. i'm "lemonade" beyonc?. -wanna talk? -yes. if you have time for this... you have time for this. wow. that took no time. what do we do now? ? she on fleek with it, on fleek with it ? and probably even this. ? they lookin' mad at us from the street with it ? house majority pac
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a young girl who became the youngest of surfer ever to
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more for the interview she did rather than her skills the young pro was asked about her dad while talking to an overseas news outlet and it's going viral. >> what is your dad think about all of this because i'm sure that he's an athlete is in athlete your dad. >> yes my dad was an athlete but now he's pretty fat then he used to get really angry at mom because mom didn't always buy it for him that when dad got really angry mom started buying it for him all the time in many she just got going on kept going on and on dad is outed this is an just a it just a reminder for all his parents when you don't think they're listening they're probably listening
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it was a pretty big deal and apparently now he just sits around and its ice cream the girl group made it is a new video beyonc? kelly rowland and michelle williams they shocked fans when they posted this video on instrument yesterday. video game fans we've got some good news for you today the second genesis of making a comeback comes with 22 games of this one will come with 22 games the typical three button
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able to put one under the christmas tree because it won't be released until june of next year and this is coming and we releasing a miniature nintendo entertainment system this month is other obviously following up to that guy germany finally finding a priceless item after three years of searching that's how long ago that he lost his wedding ring features found in a very unexpected place he was working in his garden when he discovered the missing rings and it was wrapped around a carrot. >> on top of it was his work it's kind of theory his wife died six months ago just shy of the couple's 50th anniversary but she always assured him that one day he defined the treasured ring in the kerry group right up to read how crazy it how crazy is that almost as if she was finding a way to get it back to him. >> several car and ridesharing programs are making it easier
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election on election day we were left will get you a polling place using a special and after feature is your first right into the code boat today and you'll get $20 off the list will as a 45 percent discount on one right between seven this morning and 8:00 o'clock tomorrow and zip car which lets people use cars temporarily for a few hours at a time offer for your rights from six until 10 tonight only select the vehicles are free and you can reserve them online the weather is good there's actually no excuses you've got a get out there and vote couple of days thank you for joining us at 11 we have some guests hanging out right now this is pack 872 i believe and we are honored to have you guys you're hanging out for the newscast the little field trip in the studio hopefully learning something about the news process and the political process. >> yester getting a front row seat on a very big day a lot of coverage plan today will be back on air at 5:00 o'clock
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions! here are three former champions -- a stay-at-home mom from newark, delaware... a software developer from malden, massachusetts... and a chef originally from detroit, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thanks, johnny. all right, we're into it now, folks. catherine hardee, the winner yesterday, the first of our semi-finalists.


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